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Areas of Practice


Let The Helwig Law Firm evaluate your wreck for free - the clock is ticking!




Below are areas of law that I handle.  If you think that your case doesn't neatly fit within the categories described below, please call for a FREE EVALUATION.


Time is critical!  Companies know that your injury claim can be very expensive.  Many times, companies fail to take proper care of critical evidence that could helps you.  So, if you don't retain me, make sure the one you do takes immediate action to inform all possible parties of their duty to PRESERVE EVIDENCE.




DWI Wrecks


Based upon last years national statistics, someone is killed by a drunk driver every 51 seconds in America.


If you've been injured by anyone who you suspect (or know) was drunk or had been drinking at the time they caused a wreck with you - it's worth your time to let me hear about it!  You and/or the family of a loved one could be in a position to collect extra money - in addition to money for compensation.

On-the-Job Injuries


If you've been injured while working on the job and your company is not a subscriber to Texas Workers Compensation, you may have a very good opportunity to get compensated.  It's always a good idea to have a lawyer listen to what happened.  Even if you think the business is a subscriber, sometimes they aren't!  A simple investigation could uncover facts about the business that had been kept hidden from you. 

Auto Wrecks


Wrecks occur all the time - it's an unfortunate fact of life.  But, what doesn't have to be a fact of life is having to accept whatever the at-fault driver's insurance company tells you about the value of your claim.  Do we allow criminals to tell us how much time they will be sentenced to jail? - NO!  So, why should it be different for an insurance company that's contractually obligated to pay for damages caused by its driver?  Without question,  insurance companies constantly  to convince innocent victims to accept the least amount of money possible.

  • I assist clients in obtaining rental vehicles while their vehicles are being repaired.

  • I assist clients in obtaining necessary medical treatment - especially when they don't have health insurance.

  • I will work fast to recover the money you are owed, and if the at-fault driver's insurance company keeps playing games, I WILL TAKE YOUR CASE TO TRIAL, but only at your direction.

18 Wheeler Trucking Wrecks


If you're like me, then you too feel uncomfortable being on the same road with these giant machines.  Initially, it was just their shear size that made me feel uneasy.  However, in my 21 years of handling trucking wrecks, it's down right terrifying to think about how many truck drivers are unqualified.  Below are just a few of the topics that my office will investigate after an 18-wheeler seriously injures or kills someone:


  • Log books - these records typically indicate how long the driver had been driving (there are specific laws that restrict how long a driver can drive).

  • Tracking information - many of these rigs are equipped with GPS tracking devices that allow us find out speed, location, and information leading up to the wreck.

  • Driver qualification - so many times we've found drivers who never should have been driving big rigs in the first place.

  • Truck maintenance - federal protocols dictate how trucking companies are supposed to properly maintain their rigs. Quite often, we've found that many of these procedures have been blatantly violated.

Victim of Physical Violence


Most of the time, the people in our society act civilized and make rational decisions concerning the way we treat each other.  However, every night on the news we hear about someone acting like an uncaged wild animal and hurting or killing someone.  Many times situations like that are fueled by drugs, alcohol, and/or out-of-control emotions.  Whatever the reason - there's NO EXCUSE.


If you've suffered physical harm or had a loved one killed by the violent actions of another, not only could the culprit face criminal penelties brought by the District Attorney on behalf of the public, but the culprit could be made to pay civil compensation directly to the victim and/or the family of someone killed.


Many times, our investigations have uncovered that someone or some company could have or should have taken action that probably could have prevented or stopped the violent situation before someone got hurt or killed.  It's always worth allowing me to evaluate what happened.  I've successfully represented people who were victims of shootings, rapes, bullying, fights, and family abuse.

Nursing Home Negligence


They say there are two things in life that we can count on - death and taxes.  We may not have much control about the taxes we have to pay, but for ourselves and our loved ones, we try our best to ensure that we don't have an agonized or uncomfortable death.  For that reason, many families pay companies a lot money to look out for their elderly loved ones as they reach advanced age.


It's simply shocking to hear how often patients of such care facilities are negligently cared for ... I've seen cases where moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas died from malnutrition, dehydration, infected bed sores, and sometimes - abuse.  Many times, such events went overlooked by licensed doctors and their staff.


If you suspect that something odd occurred or is occurring at a nursing home, let me investigate it. 


Slip & Fall Accidents


Yes - it's true that we all have to be careful and to "watch where we walk" ... but, when businesses are making money off of us by trying to sell us something - they want you to focus much of your attention on their products. Many times, people end up hurt due to a fall caused by a condition (i.e. liquid or a dropped item) that had been left on the floor by the business's employee or had been on the floor long enough that it should have been cleaned up by an employee.


If you've been seriously injured (i.e. you need surgery or long term therapy), then it may be worth your while to let me determine if the business at which you were injured failed to meet its duty to make its premises reasonably safe for you.  I've successfully represented clients who were injured while at HEB, Wal-Mart, Fiesta, AutoZone, The Salvation Army, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and many others.



Dog Attacks


Puppies are so cute, but when they grow up, they can be highly destructive if they aren't properly cared for and loved by their owners.  Simply put: Bad dogs come from bad owners!  Since we can't ultimately sue a dog, Texas allows victims to hold the owner responsible. 


I hear a lot about Texas' "one bite rule," but that is simply an inaccurate statement of current Texas law. If a dog shows any signs of vicious behaivor prior to an attack, the owner may be made forced to pay for the damages - even if it was the first time the dog attacked anyone!


Many home-owner insurance policies cover damages stemming from a vicious dog attack.  It could be well worth your time to let me investigate the facts of any vicious dog attack that left you or a loved one seriously injured.



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